Shrine of Hoar

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“In Sendria, in a lonely district, turn east at the public fountain and proceed down a quiet alley. Soon you’ll find the cobbled road pulled up, and be tread upon bare sand. Hence you will know His shrine is near, and come under the vaulted dome roof nested between the surrounding buildings.

In the center emerging from the sand is a tricephalic head altar in the likeness of the Lord of Three Thunders, made of copper, silver, and gold: the most conductive of metals. Trophies from past crusades are displayed here and personal offerings may be made before one of the devout for adjudication and sentencing, but let it be known that we are not assassins for hire. Most commonly a prayer is etched onto lead and buried in the sand near the shrine."

~Aseir Dumein, as recorded by Ashur Shaduni

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An example of a tricephalic head

Shrine of Hoar

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