arabian_nights_by_unfor54k3n-d5oqq98.jpg Welcome to your The Towers of Asherad!

This is the front page of your campaign! More stuff will need to be written here!!!

Basis of the game, here is what I got so far:
Think Arabian Nights. Most of the word is desert. There was a global war about 160 years past that ended with magics so powerful it killed 2/3rd of the population and devastated the environment.

When the war ended many impossibly large golden towers erupted from the ground. Only 3 of them have been “successfully” explored. These towers are home to massively powerful Djinn that make mazes and traps inside them. Power, riches, a magic awaits anyone that can successfully assault a tower. Most folks never come out. Several places use them as a dumping ground for prisoners… They are fatal.

All of the PC’s have a secret. Only a select few share with the world that Death has a tenuous grasp on them. Wounds, that are fatal to most of their family and friends, will heal overnight! They can die for sure but resting heals the most heinous wounds. This gift has garnered the attention to one of the largest powers in the land. A mercenary guild (yet to be named) that was left over from the Great War. They have bult a city/citadel around one of the Towers of Asherad. It’s a very egalitarian society, but the Guild is the ultimate authority in the region.

Every profession and magical tradition is employed by the Guild. They have a cadre of mages, clerics, and wise men that divine, scry, and search out those with the gift of healing and “recruit” them into the Guild.

Currently the Guild sent a detachment of 40+ ass kickers out to the town of Grug that was overrun buy an Orcish bandit horde. It’s several weeks out into the desert and our intrepid adventures are taking a caravan of food and medical supplies to the town and be the relief of the garrison.

Towers of Asherad

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